My Four Faves in the Paleo World

This post is completely dedicated to the four women who have changed my outlook on health entirely. The amount they’ve helped me in UNREAL, words can’t even do them justice, sooo read this post and then go check them out, SERIOUSLY, do it, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Juli Bauer

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For months I had been going back and fourth about going Paleo, (for the soul purpose I wanted abs, ha, little did I know it was going to become so much more to me than that) but I always doubted myself, “HOW WAS I NEVER GOING TO A ENJOY A DELICIOUS CHEESE BOARD OR CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM OR A BIG JUICY GLUTENOUS BURGER AGAIN?!” was pretty much the one question leading to a major commitment issue. Then a Co-Worker told me about her blog, PaleOMG, I looked her up on my lunch break and bought her cookbook, The Paleo Kitchen, within 5 minutes of discovering her. Her blog is not only hilarious and entertaining, but its full of delicious paleo recipes and free crossfit style workouts that I can’t get enough of. This girl is good. I love her. My first piece of advice, go follow her, your welcome.

Terry Wahls, MD

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Alright, on a more serious note…About 3 months after embarking on my paleo journey I had the worst flair up I’d ever experienced, my legs constantly felt like they were asleep and I had a really hard time walking, and about a month later, BOOM, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and it was the absolute biggest shock that I was completely unprepared for. My healthy lifestyle went down the drain, I was so upset and I was unable to exercise that I just started eating whatever I wanted and didn’t care but this lady pulled me out of it. I had just started dating my now Husband, Gavin and instead of running fast in the opposite direction (bless his heart 🙂 ) he wanted to help, he found her book for me. Dr. Wahls has MS herself and at one point, couldn’t function without her tilt-recline wheelchair. She was once a conventional medicine doctor but realized she was headed towards a bedridden life and wanted to find a way out. She began experimenting on herself through a dramatic lifestyle change of using functional medicine as well as a very strict paleo driven diet. in her book, she throughouly explains the process of how she went from someone with Progressive MS who lived there life sitting in wheelchair to someone who was riding 18miles a day on her bike and was able to freely walk to halls of the hospital she worked in. Her book was a game changer for me, it gave me so much hope  and was a big part of me recovering mentally and emotionally from a dramatic, life changing diagnosis. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY, recommend her book to absolutely anyone struggling with an autoimmune disease that is interested in taking an alternative route to what has been prescribed to them. Check out her Ted Talk and you can purchase her book, The Wahls Protocol, here

Danielle Walker

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Danielle is the author of the blog, Against All Grain, which focuses on gluten-free, grain-free, and paleo cooking. She began her journey in the paleo community after her diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis, another autoimmune disease. Danielle is so full of knowledge, I absolutely love listening to her live Facebook videos and reading her blog, I’ve learned so much from her. I love, love, love all of her cookbooks, but my favorite is her newest, Celebrations. It is a cookbook that focuses on cooking for different Holidays and Occasions throughout the entire year. My mom actually made her trip-tip with grilled vegetables and chimichurri sauce (a recipe from Celebrations) for my bridal shower this summer and to say it was a HUGE hit is an understatement, every single person raved about it, I ran into people even a month after and they had to tell me that it was the absolute best food they’ve ever had at a get together like that, no one had any idea it was a paleo meal, or even a healthy meal for that matter.

LeAnne Vogel

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LeAnne is a Nutrition Educator, the author of the blog, Healthful Pursuit, and host of the podcast The Keto Diet, all which focus on paleo, ketogenic, eating, which is eating a high fat, moderate protein, and low carb paleo diet. LeAnne also focuses on eating for hormone regulation and weight loss/management. She’s basically a genius and I’ve learned so much about my body and how it responds to fats and sugars. No, I do not strictly eat keto, however I’ve drastically increased my healthy fat intake and lowered my carbs since discovering her and its made a huge, and I mean HUGE difference. I no longer experience that “hangry” mood on the daily, (if you want proof talk to Gav, even he swears by it solely due to the face that he no longer has to avoid me between the hours of breakfast and lunch 🙂 ) When I first learned about her, I purchased her cookbook and I gained a ton of really great knowledge and recipes from it, you can check it out here.

LeAnne has also introduced me to several really beneficial supplements that I did not know about prior to listening to her podcast channel, which I will talk about in a future post dedicated entirely to supplements that have helped me.


It’s funny because I’ve never met or interacted with any of these ladies (Besides Juli liking some of my Insta posts, I get so excited when that happens, it’s actually embarrassing, ha) but they’ve honestly changed my entire life. They’ve made this journey so much easier for me, fun in fact. They’ve given me faith, hope, positivity, and I’ve never felt stronger or healthier. I don’t know what I would do if I had never found Juli’s blog to begin with. So with that being said, thank you thank you thank you to Juli, Dr. Wahls, Danielle, and LeAnne. XOXO

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