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Daily Archives: October 11, 2017

How I Stick to my Diet While Flying

Gavin and I are on vacation in Ft. Lauderdale this week! Well, I’m on vacation, Gavin is here for work. Perks on having a guy who travels all the time for his job…I get to go with and get lots of vacations and stay in luxurious hotels all FO FREE. Anyways…I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to talk a little making health conscious decisions while traveling. First stop, where it all all goes downhill: the airport.

My Journey that Led to Northwestern

Rewind to a little over three years ago. I was going to see a sports medicine doctor in East Lansing at Michigan State University, where I had just finished my degree at and was planning on starting grad school the following year. My entire lower half of my body felt like it was asleep, I had been going to crossfit regularly and was 100 percent certain I hurt my back doing deadlifts, he would send me to a few PT sessions and I would be back to Spartan Crossfit in no time.