How I Stick to my Diet While Flying

Gavin and I are on vacation in Ft. Lauderdale this week! Well, I’m on vacation, Gavin is here for work. Perks on having a guy who travels all the time for his job…I get to go with and get lots of vacations and stay in luxurious hotels all FO FREE. Anyways…I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to talk a little making health conscious decisions while traveling. First stop, where it all all goes downhill: the airport.

Okay so the trip to the airport started out a little rough. I planned ahead and made my Spicy Cinnamon and Tumeric, Fatty Coffee for breakfast. Well, we were running about 20 minutes late for our flight and I had to throw together my coffee super quickly. Long story short, the butter wrapper made it into my Nutribullet and my normally delicious breakfast drink ended up having a nice addition of tin foiley crunch to it. YUM. So my coffee ended up poured out in the parking lot of the MBS airport, BUT NOT TO WORRY! Luckily, I planned ahead with lots and lots of healthy snacks and my breakfast ended up being a Carob Chip Perfect Bar, they are a little higher in sugar than I like to eat in the morning, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do at that point, and they also have a good amount of protein and fat in them so they can hold me over until lunch.

I’ve always really struggled to stick to my diet while I travel, especially while flying. Not to mention airport food is super not worth it, I’ve never once been glad I ate that Reese’s froyo or double cheese burger meal from McDonalds while I was traveling (aka my high school go to meal after basketball practice, ha, I’ve come a long way people, trust me), it usually just happened because I was starved and couldn’t find anything else. When I steer away from my diet I feel awful. I bloat up, I get tired, and I break out. I over eat because I don’t feel satisfied. I get headaches from eating too much sugar and it takes me a good week to start feeling back to normal. Who the heck wants to feel like that on their vacation?! Well, not me at least.

I decided I need to start making a game plan for when I travel, it’s helped tremendously to help me feel better and also to keep me motivated and make better for me choices while I’m on vacation. So I decided to compile a little list for y’all of my tips and tricks that will hopefully make it easy for you when you take your next vacay!

  1. Plan Ahead and Pack (This is the biggest, most important one of them all! See my the featured photo in this post for reference) Here are my snacks I packed so I could hold myself over until dinner and I didn’t have to get a meal at the airport. I went on a Whole Foods run before the trip but a lot of these items can be found on Amazon or at most larger grocery stores. (I can also get pretty much all of this at Meijer, minus the collagen packs)
  • Grass fed Beef Jerky – The New Primal and EPIC jerkies are both great paleo friendly jerky brands, there’s very few ingredients, no added sugar and is free from all the nasty additives a traditional store bought jerky has. I personally didn’t love “Spicy” flavor I chose this time, however, I usually get the sea salt kind that comes in a blue package and I love that! If you can’t find these exact brands you can usually find very similar ones at other large grocery stores, just look around at the selection don’t forget to read the labels!
  • Lara Bars
  • Perfect Bars – These are a favorite of mine, no they’re not completely paleo but they are pretty clean and full of superfoods. proteins, and healthy fats. They fill me up and when I’m having a craving for a sweet, these always do the trick – the peanut butter literally taste like peanut butter fudge!
  • Apples
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • RX Bars – Paleo protein bar (peanut butter is not) with really good, clean, simple ingredients that fill me up and keep me satisfied, it doesn’t come with the sugar rush that some protein bars have.
  • Collagen packets – these are awesome! I try to incorporate collagen into my diet at least once a day. It’s a protein boost, great for your hair and skin, and is also known to help with leaky gut. You can mix it into pretty much anything and it doesn’t have a taste, which is why its so good to travel with! I love mine in coffee, hot tea, or to add to a smoothie. I usually order mine through amazon but sometimes you can find them at Whole Foods sold individually in the supplement isle.

2. Drink LOTS of water – It helps to keep you hydrated and does wonders for your skin, I struggle a lot with breakouts when I travel and making myself drink more water has helped so much, not to mention it keeps me fuller longer.

3. Say NO to the free Gingerale and Biscoff cookies on the plane. – Just no, it’s not worth it. Thats all.

4. Walk the airport – a lot of times its impossible to exercise on flight days. Walking is a great way to give you something to do while you wait. It keeps my mind off junk food and it at least gets your steps in for the day.

5. While I’m traveling and I absolutely must eat a meal at the airport I find a Chipotle (plan ahead and find out what terminal it’s in before you get there). In my opinion its about as clean as you can find while your stuck in there. I usually get a bowl with Barbacoa, skip the rice and beans, lots of lettuce, extra green salsa and a heaping pile of guac.

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