A Week of My Vacation Workouts

Monday – Our flight left Tuesday so since we would be traveling the majority or the day I planned for this to be my rest day, so I made sure to make it to my local box, Q2 Crossfit, to get in a good WOD before my rest day.

Tuesday – I took an active rest day, even though we were on the road/flying for the majority of the day I made sure to get in a ton of walking (mostly at the airport).

Wednesday – Our Hotel’s gym is AMAZING, so I’m definitely taking full advantage of it while I’m here!

1 Mile (max effort) run on treadmill

then, 3 Rounds for time of:

1/4 mile sprint (on treadmill)

15 15lb Dumbell Thrusters

once I completed my circuit I finished with 3, 1minute planks and 1round max effort strict pull-ups (I ALMOST have my strict pull-up, so what I’ve been doing is having Gav hold my legs to take off just a touch of weight so its still very challenging while still being able to preform the exercise)

Thursday – Our hotel gave us a calendar that had a list of group workout classes, so I decided to sign up for a spin class. I love trying out new workout classes and changing up my exercise routines, I’ve found that when I’m on vacation is a perfect time to do that! This spin class was so hard! I’ve never sweat that much in my life. I was ready to be done and I looked down at the timer and we were only 9 minutes in, ha, BUT I MADE IT, all 50 minutes and I felt awesome when I was done.

Friday – The hotel gym had a rower so I utilized that for warm up/cool down but you could always use a treadmill for this instead.

Row 500M

using a 25 pound plate and a bench for 3 rounds:

15 ground to overheads

15 tricep extensions

15 bent over rows

10 tricep dips on the bench

following the circuit I did leg lifts to Flower by Moby (Bring Sally Up) This is a KILLER ab exercise and it’s very simple to do. You lay on your back while preforming leg lifts. When the song says “bring Sally up” you lift your legs up, when it says “bring Sally down” you lower your legs, but don’t let them touch the ground! While doing it try to be mindful to press your back against the floor and try not to let it arch up, this keeps your core engaged.

I finished my workout with a 500M cool down row.

Saturday – Rest Day, we traveled to the other side of Florida where Gavin’s sister lives, so we are staying with her and her husband. I no longer have a gym so I am doing workouts that require no equipment for the most part.

Sunday– 1 mile timed run followed by 5 rounds of:

5 push-ups

10 air squats

10 walking lunges

After completing 5 rounds I did 50 hollow body rocks


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