No Gym? No Problem. Week 2 of My Vacation Workouts

This week we visited Gavin’s sister and her husband in Navarre, Florida. We stayed with them at their house, so I didn’t go to a gym the whole time we were there. That doesn’t mean I missed any of my workouts, all it takes is just a little bit of planning and some creativity!

Monday– Gav and I ran two miles together followed by 3 rounds of 1 minute planks.

Tuesday – “Susan” 5 rounds for time of:

200M sprint

10 Push-ups

10 Air squats

we finished with a 1 mile cool down walk

Wednesday – I love incorporating yoga every once in a while into my workouts. It helps me to focus on my balance and breathing. It also gives me some time to focus on practicing mindfulness and staying positive. Yoga With Adriene is this awesome yoga channel that I highly recommend checking out. A free, challenging, stress relieving, yoga class, right at home; what more could you ask for?! Sometimes I spend over an hour with some of her flows, but today I wanted a short, quick, flow that focused on strengthening, so I decided on this one.

Thursday – Have you ever heard of the Apptiv App? I love, love, love it, especially when I’m traveling. It’s like having your own personal trainer with you at all times, right in your pocket! There’s all kinds of workouts to choose from; HIIT workouts, outdoor runs, treadmill runs, weight lifting, yoga, spin, stretching, you name it.

I personally use it on days where I can’t make it to the gym or if I’m in the mood for more of a cardio workout instead of really intense weight lifting session, however, it’s also something you can utilize if you’re working out in the gym on your own. The app definitely takes my workouts up a notch than if I were to just workout on my own, theres always a trainer in your ear pushing you to up your intensity, while also checking in on your form. Today I did a 20minute interval run, which involved, jogging, running and sprinting. Once I finished that I did a 7 minute upper body HIIT workout that combined planks, tricep dips, mountain climbers, push-ups, etc. I thought 7 minutes would be easy peasy, but holy cow, it whipped my butt! You can check out the app and get a free 7 day trial by clicking the link below.

  • Try Apptiv Free for 7 Days!


Friday – 7 minutes of as many reps as possible of burpees. Followed by leg lifts to Flower by Moby (Bring Sally Up, check out my earlier posts, under “Friday” that includes an instructional video, here). After I finished leg lifts, I moved on to air squats to the same song, its the exact same concept, just instead of doing leg lifts, you do squats. One thing to keep in mind while doing squats in this specific exercise is to not completely bottom out like your normally would in a squat for crossfit, always hold tension in your legs, this will create more of that good burn :), if you have a barbell available, try this with an empty 35-45lb barbell.

Saturday – My brother in law is in the Air Force and while we’ve been staying with them for the week he has been waking up early every morning to train for his PT test that is coming up. Friday night we had a big long discussion about all that it entails. Gav and I’s competitive spirits got the best of us and all in all we decided we would compete against each other in the morning to see if either of us could pass the test on our first try. Well, we both passed, I won (obvi) with 88 points and Gavin got 80 points. You had to receive 75 points to pass. The test includes:

1min max push-ups – I got 30

1min Max sit-ups -I got 38

1.5 mile run timed – my time was 13:41

*there was also a waist measurement, we did this as well just to be able to get a total score to see if we passed

You can find exact details on how this test is scored here.

Sunday – Rest Day

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