Lettuce Wrap Tacos

Yesterday I went to Meijer to pick up a prescription and get some of the groceries I needed for recipe testing (just keep in mind it was my third trip to Meijer for the day after lets just say EXTREMELY long day). So I’m walking out of Meijer and my car is no where. Like literally, NO WHERE. It’s stolen, because people steal cars from Meijer in the middle of the afternoon, right? Im on my third lap around the parking lot, roughly 10 minutes into the search, still nothing. I then have my first car search volunteer approach me and offer her help because I’m obviously lost, or well, I’ve obviously lost my mind. After a few minutes she gives up tells me “good luck” and goes on with beginning her grocery trip. At this point I’m mid panic attack and call Gavin to let him now my car is gonzo and he’d have to come pick me up. While I was waiting for him I decided to do another lap, obviously skipping the very last row of cars because who  ever parks there, anyways? An old couple proceeds to drive up to me and tell me to get in there car so they could drive me around the parking lot until I find my car. I thanked them but told them my husband was on his way from work to help me look and he’d be here any second. My phone rings, it’s Gav, I answer, he’s already found it. Where you ask? The THE VERY LAST ROW OF CARS, the row of cars I skipped because no one ever parks there. Well, no one except me I guess. Anyways, please enjoy these tacos that caused me to actually lose my mind and have a mental break down in the parking lot of Meijer. Happens all the time, right? RIGHT.

For the tacos:

1lb grass-fed ground beef

3tsp. Primal Palate Taco Seasoning

1-2 heads of organic romaine lettuce (depending on size)


Optional Toppings:

1 avocado, cubed

1/2 cup organic cherry tomatoes

Cilantro leaves

Chopped jalepenos

Sriracha or fresh salsa ( I like The Brinery brand for Sriracha, I get it at Whole Foods)

Forager Cashew Yogurt (A great dairy free sour cream substitute, I’ve found this at Whole Foods, Earth Fare, and several other local health food stores, it’s one of my new favorite products!)

Siggis plain yogurt (If you’re not dairy free this is a great sour cream substitute, its organic and produced from grass-fed cows)


  1. Set the stove top to medium and add the ground beef to a skillet. Brown meat until most of the pink is gone, about 8 minutes
  2. drain the excess grease
  3. return meat to stove and add seasoning, cook for about another 3 minutes,  until the meat is completely cooked through.
  4. Break leaves of romaine apart from each other, these are your “wraps”
  5. transfer desired amount of meat* to each individual lettuce wrap and add desired toppings

*I’ve found its best for me to not try to cram the wraps full of meat, just make smaller tacos. This also packs in more greens into your meal, win-win!





  1. Heather Schmeling | 28th Oct 17

    Stress can really do crazy things to our bodies and mind. Trust me I know! 😳😂. Just a tip if you ever lose your car again. Use the panic button so you can hear the alarm and then you will be able to follow the sound. I hope your weekend is more relaxing!

    • Holly | 28th Oct 17

      Haha oh believe me, I tried my panic button. Kind of a bad day to find out your panic button doesn’t work 🙂

  2. Niki h | 28th Oct 17

    Thank god u found your jeep😂😂😂

  3. Mollie | 13th Dec 17

    Oh my goodness, I laughed out loud at, “first car search volunteer!” I’m so glad you found your car. We have all been there. Also, this recipe sounds so yummy, so thank you for making three trips to the store! 🙂

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