January Whole30 Roundup

Alright, Let’s chat a little about The Whole30. Many of us will start a Whole30 on January 1, however; I am not a real “New Years Resolutioner”, so I have decided December 30th will be my day! This will be my third Whole30, so I’m somewhat of a veteran, but doesn’t at all mean it gets easier (well, for the first week at least)! However, it is such a good way for me to clean up my diet. I’ll admit I’ve been slacking a little lately, it doesn’t feel good and I know I need to get back on track. So I’m using my go to, tried and true solution: jumpin’ on that Whole30 train!

So what is The Whole30? To me, summed up, The Whole 30 is a very strict Paleo diet, basically the way Paleo is intended to be, in my opinion. It eliminates all added sugars, both real and artificial, alcohol, legumes, diary, MSG, sulfates, carrageenan, baked goods, junk foods, and treats, even if they’re made out of approved ingredients. This means no Paleo brownies, no almond flour tortillas, and no paleo pancakes. Nope, none of it!

You may be thinking “wow, that sounds like no fun at all”, or, “So what CAN I eat?” or, even like me, I really doubted myself and didn’t think I could do it. Well, I was wrong, and better yet, once I got started, I felt GREAT! It actually curbed most of my cravings; all I wanted was whole, real, nutritious food. There’s so many recipes out there, so I PROMISE, you won’t starve :). If The Whole30 something you’re interested in, I highly recommend checking out  Whole30.com (Program Rules and The Official, “Can I Have Guide”) as well as purchasing The Whole30: The 30 Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom. The website has all of the guidelines you need to follow and the book is a lifesaver, it’s full of knowledge about the program, as well as step-by-step Whole30 compliant recipes. You can also follow me on Pinterest where I have a board dedicated entirely to Whole30 recipes and meal prep! Pinterest will be your lifesaver, not only for The Whole30 but just for Paleo in general!

Since this is my 3rd Whole30, I feel like I’ve got a pretty good grasp as to whats out there, as well as what I can and can’t eat while following the program. So, I’ve rounded up all of my favorite Whole30 compliant recipes (by my favorite bloggers, and a few by me), as well as my favorite groceries to make it a little bit easier on ya!

My Favorite Whole30 Recipes

Nom Nom Paleo – Cracklin’ Chicken

Our Food Fix – Instant Pot Creamy Butternut Squash and Apple Soup 

I just want to point out that Our Food Fix takes the cake for my new favorite blog, I stumbled upon them recently in a Paleo forum and was so pleasantly surprised! You know those Pumpkin and Maple Cream Whoopie Pies I made on my Instagram account the other day (obvi not Whole30 haha)?? This is the blog behind it!

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen – Dry Rubbed Wings

The Real Food Dietitians – White Chicken Chili 

Stupid Easy Paleo – Chick- Fil-A Nuggets

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen – Crispy Baked Buffalo Wings

Against All Grain – Dairy Free Pesto

Skinny Taste – No Cook Salsa

Pearls and Sneakers – Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Cranberries and Bacon*

Pearls and Sneakers – Chicken and Kale Casserole

Paleomg – Almost 5 ingredient Pizza Spaghetti Pie *

The Paleo Kitchen By Juli Bauer (PaleOMG) – Pulled Pork Nachos 


*These recipes are Whole30 compliant, however, make sure you are using ingredients that are compliant as well – i.e. Bacon and sausage

and of course, my recipes…

Italian Beef and Crunchy Smashed Potatoes (use ghee or avocado/olive oil on the potatoes)

Lettuce Wrap Tacos 

Easy Peasy Paleo Spaghetti 



I also love to just throw a steak or chicken on the grill and serve it with veggies. Guac and fried green plantains (you MUST make them yourself, store bought are not allowed) radishes or sweet potato chips (again you must make them). Stay tuned, many more Whole30 compliant recipes are coming to HoBoWellness very soon!


My Favorite Whole30 Compliant Foods

Primal Palate Barbecue Rub and Taco Seasoning, but really, all their spices!


The Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil 

The Primal Kitchen Greek Dressing

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides 

Trader Joe’s Salsa Verde

Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Rice

Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel Seasoning

Bonafide Bone Broth (This can be found at both Meijer and Walmart in the frozen section near by the gluten free and “health” foods)

Bobs Red Mill Almond, Coconut, Arroowroot and Tapioca Flours (can be found in most baking isles with gluten free flours)

Lara Bars (Read to labels, not all are compliant – my favorite is Cashew Cookie)

RX Bars (can be found at most supermarkets, along with Lara bars)

Malk and New Barn Unsweetened Nut Milk (can be found at various supermarkets, New Barn is carried at Meijer, Malk at Fresh Thyme, both at Whole Foods

Butcher Box Meats – all are Organic, Free Range, and Grass-fed. They’re delivered straight to your door and we absolutely love the quality of the meat, its delicious! Also, using this link will get you $10 off plus 2 free Ribeyes!

Epic jerky’s (not all are approved so read the labels, my two favorites are the uncured bacon bits and venison jerky)

Tessemae’s all natural dressings (again, not all are approved but a lot of them are and they are also labeled with the “whole30approved” stamp)

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